ALIF, the luxury lifestyle brand was founded in 2022 with a forward thinking approach to enhance the islamic cultural heritage. Currently, ALIF produces Panjabi, Thobe, Trousers etc, the most popular Men’s wear. It's now become a fast growing luxury brand in Asia. It now has three physical stores at Jamuna Future Park, Uttara and Gawsia. From the beginning of a brand that believed in high-quality and authenticity.


The word “LIBAS ATTAQWAA” is our motto where “LIBAS” means clothing and “TAQWAA” means belief. Our mission is to establish our religious belief and sunnah over men's clothing. Moreover, we are really ambitious to serve the world with our craftsmanship and innovation.



We do innovate everytime, everyday by our creative personals, renowned fashion designers and a large range of colorful fabrics and materials. The craftsmanship over Panjabi, Thobe and Trousers are eye catchable till now. And, it's going to continue forever. Our stores are highly decorated to grab customers' attention and make anyone happy with our visual merchandising approach.



We do believe in our innovation and forward-thinking approach to our philosophy. We explore to make something new everyday. We go green where our products are safe for the environment and our customers. We are always trying to grab customers' attention all-over the world and become a trendsetter.